April 20th – Cross Sector Leaders Awards

Hello everyone. This is president Kondo. On April 20th, I participated in “Cross Sector Leaders Summit” organized by ALMACREATIONS Co., Ltd. We received “Cross Sector Leaders Awards” of “Business x Social category” and excellent award of all divisions at the summit.


ALMACREATIONS Co., Ltd. is a company represented by Mr. Masanori Kanda who is a management consultant and writer.


The “Cross Sector Leaders Summit” is the biggest event of the year that ALMACREATIONS’s community gathers together and is a place where people thank, celebrate, and encourage each other. It is also a place to create vitality to advance toward and share quality time. It was a big event which about 100 people attended on the day.


“Cross Sector Leaders Award” covers activities beyond fields such as business, public administration, and education.


At the time of receiving the award, we were introduced as follows: “Kaiho Sangyo Co., Ltd. developed a system to optimize the used engine price for export of automobile recycling, opens it to other companies in the same industry both in Japan and overseas, and conducts technical training projects. Thereby, they built a large platform that involved 85 countries. They also contribute to market expansion and environmental conservation and were approved to join in BCtA led by United Nations Development Programme. In this autumn, they will make a speech as a successful case of sustainable development at the United Nations.”


It goes without saying that we are honored. We will continue to work every day to create a future not to be ashamed of such a prestigious award.