Employee Lecture

Hello everyone. This is president Kondo. We started a project named “Employee Lecture” last month. This is a lecture to tell “What is work?” based on each employee’s own experience. I and our chairman have opportunities to talk in front of everyone. However, our executive staff seldom have such opportunity. I hope that sharing each one’s own experience, such as various events that occurred while working, things that did not work, or what they felt or learned through failure, will lead to the growth of each employee.


We decided the schedule up to the end of this year and started the lecture from last month. The first lecturer was our managing director. He was confused at the beginning, but he accepted it willingly


I received a comment from the managing director in advance, which he was happy if sharing his experience would be useful as our company changes. He also told me that he was happy if he could share the history of our company since he was the one who knew the history of the company best other than the founder. Some of the employees who knew a part of the history was nearly in tears.


I think that it was a good opportunity to share the thoughts of our managing director with all the employee as there were stories that we could not usually hear. In particular, I think that we could share the purpose of our effort again, such as stories about the KRA system that we had built over time.


Each person walks in their own lives, has a past, and has different ways looking back. By sharing it with other people, I think that we can realize and learn a lot and build a sense of fellowship. I hope to build a better corporate culture through this project.