Thanks gathering on February 17th

Hello everyone. This is president Kondo. We successfully finished our 20th “thanks gathering”. We welcomed about 230 guests including those who came every year and for the first time.


I realized a lot from the story of Mr. Masanori Kanda whom we invited for a lecture ever year. I took the importance of everyday study to heart so that I would stay current with evolving society.


We, Kaiho Sangyo, has inherited management from 2016 and valued customer orientation of our employees. I think that our attitude to work always from the customer’s point of view has gradually improved.


I also realized that the foundation has been built in last year for the following three projects which is our three-pronged strategy:


  1. KRA Union (Building domestic and overseas networks)
  2. GFC (Developing overseas recycling business)
  3. KTN (Kaiho Truck Net Auction)


At the time of launch, we had birth pangs, but I have a premonition that these projects will lead to big achievements this year.


In addition, last year, we were evaluated as eligible and approved to join in Business Call to Action (BCtA) led by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for the first time as a small and medium-sized company in Japan (Please see my blog of December 2017)


We could never achieve such a thing alone. We achieved it with support from many customers and stakeholders. I strongly felt it through talking with customers who came to our thanks gathering. We will take advantage of this opportunity and continue to work hard to overcome global challenges.