This year’s management policy -What is important for us-

Hello everyone. This is Takayuki Kondo. At the first meeting of this year, I announced this year’s management policy to our employees, which is “Make you happy” and “Your pleasure is my pleasure”. This is the words which our chairman, the founder of our company, has often told us. I feel that we need to return to basics of business.


Considering the poor performance we experienced two years ago, all employees made efforts last year based on the 3 policies, i.e. “Dedicate”, “Try everything”, “Give people around pleasure”. As a result, we improved our performance last year and were able to challenge various project toward the future. I think our effort will bear fruit from this year, but I’m happy that we could challenge as a company.


Among those efforts we made, not just pursuing our own interests, but various proposals based on domestic automobile recycling industry is included. Also, various projects born in connection with countries all over the world are moving little by little. We, Kaiho Sangyo, has the philosophy which is “giving a good influence to the whole world as a base of happiness”, and act in accordance with it. Also, we value communication in the company. We held a monthly one-on-one meeting between superiors and subordinates and hold an interview to exchange views on the future.


Our industry used to be said as a waste shop or a dismantling shop. However, thanks to the efforts of our seniors, it became known as the automobile recycling industry or the venous industry. Each employee is proud of it. We will continue to push it up to the category called circulation industry in the future.


In such circumstances, I think this year’s our management policy, which is basics of business, is very important. To make customers happy, each of us needs to make efforts and growth. We will act considering what we can do and realize the future that we visualize.