Kaiho Recyclers Alliance & Global Festa Japan 2017

Hello everyone. This is Takayuki Kondo. We held a seminar on Kaiho Recyclers Alliance on October 10th and 11th in Tokyo and Osaka. This is an alliance we suggested to companies in the same industry to enhance profitability and sociality each other. We would like to build a new business model by cooperating with the companies in the same trade, not competing with them. We will disclose our exporting know-how, which is our strength, to them so that they can take advantage of it. Also, we would like to make a new suggestion to major companies which do business nationwide in different industries by building a nationwide alliance with the companies in the same industry. In addition, we would like them to take advantage of our KRA system which we have been developing through trial and error for 12 years.


53 people from 42 companies participated in the two-day seminar. We received a lot of questions and comments from the participants. Our industry is not the industry where major companies such as automakers exist. However, we think that we can create a new future if like-minded small companies cooperate and unite together.


I also participated in Global Festa Japan 2017, which is the largest international cooperation event in Japan, as a panelist on September 30th. We were awarded the Ecosystem award at the SDGs Business Award (*1) in June and it led to my participation in the event. PR ambassador of the event was Picotaro, a well-known comedian. It was a great opportunity for me to communicate the responsibility and potentiality of our industry to a lot of people.


*1 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are 17 goals and 169 targets adopted by 193 countries which join the United Nations.