Harvest festival on 23rd September

Hello everyone. This is Takayuki Kondo. We held a harvest festival on 23rd September. About 60 people joined in the festival. We do rice planting in spring and a harvest festival in autumn. These became annual events in our company.


The reason why we hold the harvest festival is that we want to value interest in food and appreciation for it. Also, we want to realize how hard it is to grow food by experiencing a part of work by ourselves.


We owe our regular diet to process where foods are grown and people who cook our meals. The event reminded us about it. I felt that I needed to appreciate someone who cooked meals I ate in my home.


We started agriculture from 2010 and there are two reasons. First reason is to protect our staff and those close to us. Our chairman thinks that the era of food shortages may come considering the current global environment.


The second reason is to create a company where we can work for our entire life. These are the reasons why we challenge agriculture.


On 23rd September, we firstly experienced rice harvesting. It was nice experience for our staff, their family, and buyers who came from foreign countries. And then, we visited Oochinosato park (about 9,900) where we are planning to open our new firm. Lastly, we had a lunch in Michinoeki (Roadside Station) Chirihama.


It was a great opportunity for the participants including me to have awareness and appreciation for our regular diet.