Japan-Mexico Training Program for the Strategic Global Partnership

Hello everyone. This is Takayuki Kondo. On July 10th, trainees from Japan-Mexico Training Program for the Strategic Global Partnership visited our company. This training program was launched in 1971 with a goal of promoting mutual understanding and friendship between Japan and Mexico.


Since 2010, Central Japan Industries Association (Chu San Ren) has been entrusted with this training program from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and run the program aiming at education of young personnel who can contribute to strengthen bilateral partnerships.


The training is given to Mexican people age from 26 to 45, who engage or will engage in production quality control or productivity improvement, for about 94 days from early-May to mid-September in the Central region which is great manufacturing region in Japan.


We accepted trainees for the third consecutive year. This year, 15 people (12 trainees, 1 person from Chu San Ren, and 2 persons from JICA) visited us.


They visited us to learn our recycle business and renewable energy. Particularly, they were interested in our overseas expansion and situation of recycle in Japan. During our factory visit, we received their feedbacks such as “Greeting is great”, “Hospitality is great”, “Technology to retrieve gold is detailed and great”, and “Japanese cars are clean”.


The trainees will create an action plan after they return their country taking advantage of the knowledge they learned through various lectures, exercises, and site visits. I appreciate this opportunity to provide “learning what they don’t know”, which is the starting point of learning.