Kaiho Truck Net Auction

Hello everyone. This is Takayuki Kondo. I will introduce Kaiho Truck Net Auction of which we are currently working toward a full-scale operation. Existing system is that a truck owner sells a truck to a car dealer, and then the car dealer sells the truck to a buyer through a used car auction. We created the Kaiho Truck Net Auction (KTN Auction) to change the existing system.


There are two features. Firstly, a truck owner can sell a truck directly to a truck buyer. What the truck owner needs is only registering vehicle information to our auction site. Time and expense to bring the truck to a used car auction venue is not required.


We hold a trial auction two times last month and received the following comment from a company which joined our auction.


“We have to register a truck in good shape in order to sell the truck for a high price. Therefore, each employee has to maintain the truck on a routine basis with an interest.

I feel that employees’ awareness to look after vehicles will increase by joining in the KTN Auction and it leads to safe driving and safe working.”


I’m happy to receive such comment from the customer. We also clean and wax our company vehicles every month. The purpose of the activity is safe driving, safe working, and employee training.


Secondly, customers overseas can purchase a truck directly from a truck user in Japan. We already issued a news release to our existing customers and received comments from some of the customers, which they are interested in it. Nowadays, as the world shrinks with the arrival of the Internet, it’s no wonder that owners of vehicles in Japan directly sell their vehicles to customers around the world.


We are going to held a trial auction again in this month and operate the auction in full scale from July. Taking advantage of our strength, we will listen to customer voices and create a system of openness, which are appreciated by customers around the world.