Do naturally what we think is natural

Hello everyone. This is Takayuki Kondo. The other day, I learned from Mr. Jyoko, a principal of Seinenjuku, about Atarimae Grand Prix which is held in Yamagata prefecture. This is a great contest organized by Kuronuma accounting office in Yamagata prefecture. The theme of the contest is digging deeply into what we think is natural, and considering and acting it thoroughly. Then, it develops company’s real strength. For more details of the Atarimae Grand Prix, please visit the following URL.  (


I also received a video of a practice done by a certain high school baseball team in Yamagata prefecture. Their practice was impressive. For instance, when they clean up balls and put them in a case after baseball practice, they set the seam of all the balls in the same direction. The coach of the team believes that greeting is more difficult than baseball. He educates students about gratitude and importance of what we think is natural. This baseball team was in the news when they appeared at Koushien.


Our company has 3 new graduates on board from this month. Their nationality is Japan, Uzbekistan, and Kenya. We are becoming diversified. We have 10 codes of conducts for our employee. The first article is “Do naturally what we think is natural”. I wonder if the level of our ordinary behavior is enough and which level we are aiming at. I was reminded by the Atarimae Grand Prix and practice of the high school students.


I have the pleasure to hear that some of our customers would like to visit our company and attend our morning meeting. However, I feel that a part of our behavior is stuck in a rut. It’s not easy to be aware of such a thing by myself. April is a month of meeting new people. I feel gratitude to people who always support us and would like to value a chance to meet new people.